Our Second Liebster Award

Our Second Liebster Award
Our Second Liebster Award

We are so honored to accept our second Liebster Award from Lynne Sarao at The Well-Caffeinated Traveller. Lynne blogs about all things travel, coffee, food, and photography. She has visited some incredible destinations, including Thailand, New Zealand, Italy, and Croatia, and she has beautiful photos to show for it, too! Be sure to follow her blog, and check out her Instagram for beautiful photos from around the world!

Our Second Liebster Award

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What is the Liebster Award?

The Liebster Award was started back in 2011 as an online-only award given to bloggers by bloggers. “Liebster” in German means “dearest,” so we are feeling quite warm and fuzzy inside right now, having been nominated a second time for this dearest award. The award is a way for newer blogs to be discovered and also to connect with and support the blogging community.

Many of you don’t know this, but we only started our blog in July 2016 after we took a sister trip to Norway. We hiked Trolltunga and felt like we had so many tips to share for future hikers, as it was an incredibly challenging hike, so we started this blog to provide travel tips to fellow travelers. We’ve been to 35 countries so far and have at least 10 more planned for 2017.

Here are our answers to Lynne’s questions:

1. What is your dream job?

Diana: All practicalities aside, my dream job since I was a child has been to be a musician in a band. I grew up playing music, and travel and music are my two main passions.

Hope: I don’t have a specific dream job, but my ultimate goal for my future job is to do something that I am both passionate about and that contributes to the well being of the world in some form.

2. What is the most amazing thing you’ve seen while travelling?

Diana: My hotel in Zurich doubled as a music venue for up and coming artists on the weekends. I was there the same weekend that a band from Mexico was playing. After their concert, a few people I met from my hostel and I stayed behind and chatted with the band members (I use “chatted” loosely because my Spanish was really shabby, and the band members didn’t speak much English). We ended up jamming casually for a bit before people walking by from the street came in and started singing and dancing with us, as if we were all old friends hanging out in someone’s basement. The girl in the photo below with the trumpet walked in from off the street carrying that trumpet. I didn’t get a chance to ask why she had a trumpet on her, but it sounded great and added to the music. We all sang and dance into the night – a bunch of strangers who came together through the magic of music.

Hope: All of the acts of kindness that I have seen and experienced from strangers whether I am travelling short term or long term have amazed me constantly. The phrase ‘the kindness of strangers’ is never proven more than when I am alone in a foreign country.

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3. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Diana: I would live somewhere in Scandinavia. It’s probably my favorite part of the world. Growing up in the U.S., I’ve always been accustomed to living in a capitalistic society with a capitalistic mindset. Traveling to Europe a lot more recently, and to Scandinavian countries in particular, has opened my eyes to the ways in which a more socialist society is actually more attractive to me personally. The Scandinavian model would never work in a country like the U.S., so I would love to experience living in Scandinavia, preferably in Stockholm or Copenhagen.

Hope: I would live in either Austria or in Germany. I spent a bit over a month in Germany this past summer and fell in love with the people and the culture. I have found many similar qualities in the Austrian people, and I especially fell in love with the city of Vienna. I loved the architecture and the general vibe of the city and believe that living there are many practical opportunities in those places for a future career.

4. What keeps you up at night?

Diana: Not much actually. I sleep like a rock – it’s one of my talents that I am especially thankful for when staying in hostels.

Hope: Similar to my sister, nearly nothing can keep me up at night. There are few things that can stress me out to the point where I can’t fall asleep, and once I’m asleep, it’s almost impossible to wake me up. I’ve slept through a building fire alarm and 6 consecutive alarms each spaced 10 minutes apart.

5. What is your favourite travel-related book or movie?

Diana: Wild. I’ve only seen the movie, but I really like that it portrays solo travel as an empowering move for women. I don’t think I would survive hiking the PCT by myself, which may be why I am even more impressed by this woman’s journey.

Hope: Not sure if this counts, but I loved the LIfe of Pi. His journey and experience was fascinating and he got to see some amazing sights on the way. I know he didn’t choose to get stranded and have to travel across the ocean, but it was still a wonderfully crafted book and movie.

6. What is your favourite season?

Diana: Fall. I love the colorful leaves, and I love fall weather the most. Boots and jackets are essentials in my wardrobe, and I would wear them every day if I could!

Hope: Summer! Even though I don’t always like how hot it gets, I love the vibe that summer brings. As a full time student, it’s the season where I have time to travel and do things I normally wouldn’t have time to do during school. Summer makes me want to travel more and spend my days outside because of how many activities can only be done in the summer (going to the beach, etc.) and how long the days stay bright!

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7. What is your least favourite part of travelling?

Diana: Dealing with the crowds. I would happily wake up at the crack of dawn every day to visit popular sights before the crowds arrive. We’ve also taken to visiting more remote destinations such as the Faroe Islands where there are never any crowds!

Hope: When I travel, I put my 200% into it. I often spend 12+ hours a day walking outside and after this happens for days to weeks at a time, it can get a bit tiring. I also don’t tend to feel tired while I’m travelling, so the exhaustion hits me after my trips and I’m usually recovering for days after.

8. If I gave you $1,000 how would you spend it?

Diana: I think I would save it. But if I were to do something travel related with it, and I had the time, I’d love to take a volunteer trip to somewhere in Africa.

Hope: I’m definitely not a saver so I would spend it on a trip to as many countries as I could! I would travel and return home after I’d spent all my money on travelling.

9. What is your favourite social media platform and why?

Diana: I’ve been getting more and more into pinterest lately, as I’ve finally gotten a better grasp of how to use it for our blog. I’ve also developed a penchant for design, and I really enjoy designing pins for each blog post!

Our Second Liebster Award

Hope: My favourite social media platform is definitely Facebook. I know that Facebook’s popularity varies based on location, but I find that it is still the most universal way to communicate with people outside of email. It is also a good way to find old friends and reconnect with them through chat.

10. What is the most valuable thing you’ve learned from blogging?

Diana: It takes a lot more time than you’d think. If I had the time, I would be working on the blog all day and wouldn’t run out of things to do. Instead, I’m running the blog with a full time job as an attorney, and it takes a lot of time and work. At the end of the day, though, I love everything that goes into blogging – writing, marketing, designing – so it’s all worth it to me.

Hope: I’ve learned that it is extremely important to always have a plan and sticking to it. This may mean having a set schedule for how many posts we release in a month, how often we post to instagram, etc. In addition to having a plan, I’ve found that it is important to constantly monitor how views and insights are progressing with each post, and to adjust future posts based on that.

We are nominating the following travel bloggers for the Liebster Award:

  1. TrotterHop – Mick is a Filipino living in the United States and working for a French company – talk about living out diversity in your life. He is multilingual and has traveled to 35 countries. He just started blogging a few months ago and is already killing it! Check out his blog for awesome travel videos and travel deals.
  2. ThrifyTrails – Pam and Tim are a pair of newlyweds traveling the world! Check out their blog for all the budget travel tips you’ll ever need!
  3. Mrs A to B – Rose is another crazy travelmooner who got married this summer, quit her job, and embarked on a five month travelmoon with her hubby! Check out her blog for posts on South America and wherever she’s headed next!
  4. The Travelling Bookworm – Rhiann is a 17 year old girl from Northern England and is already traveling the world! She also has a love for books, so follow her for travel tips and book reviews!
  5. In Tote – Robyn and Mike are another couple who love to travel together! They write about North America and Europe travels and feature other travel bloggers as well.
  6. Two Nerds Travel – This travel couple has just decided to prepare for a life on the road. Follow Anna and Benjamin as they embark on this journey, especially if you’re interested in learning about how you can transition your life into a life on the road.
  7. happynfull – Emily and Chris decided in early 2015 that they would save up enough money to travel the world for a year. It took them 18 months, but they finally did it! Follow their journey from travel and budgeting tips.
  8. Still Stoked – We are super stoked about Alexa’s blog for adventurous women. Alexa is a British born professional snowboarder based out of Australia who quit everything to pursue her love of snowboarding. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, you’ve got to check out these stories from Russia, Iceland, Argentina, and all across the globe.
  9. Stephanie Fox (Newcastle & Travel) – Stephanie loves sharing about her beautiful hometown of Newcastle and is not afraid to say that she needs a bit of luxury in her travels! Follow her blog for beautiful photography and classy vacations.
  10. Roamaroo – Collette and Scott have put together the ultimate couples blog, with both luxury and adventure guides. They have been traveling the world together for 6 years using their vacation days and took the plunge in 2015 to travel full time!
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Congratulations all! Here are our questions for you:

  1. Why did you decide to become a travel blogger?
  2. Is blogging your full time job, or do you work a full time job on the side?
  3. What is the most scenic destination you’ve traveled to?
  4. Where did you receive your biggest cultural shock?
  5. Do you speak any foreign languages? Which ones?
  6. What is your biggest travel fail moment?
  7. Do you prefer staying in hotels, hostels, airbnb, couchsurfing, or something else?
  8. What’s the most bizarre food you’ve eaten while traveling?
  9. What is your best advice for traveling on a budget?
  10. Where are you off to next?


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Hi, I’m Diana, the big sister in the sister duo. I left my job as an attorney in March 2017 to pursue the work-from-anywhere/travel-everywhere life aka The Dream. I blog about off the beaten trail travel destinations, adventure travel, immersing in local cultures, and publish plenty of travel guides for all you who are too lazy to plan your own trips. I’ve traveled to 53 countries to date, and some of my recent adventures include hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro, visiting a child I’ve sponsored for over 10 years in Rwanda, and exploring the Middle East.

13 Replies to “Our Second Liebster Award”

  1. Thank you so much for the nomination! I loved reading more about you two. Haha I too can sleep through anything and Wild is my favorite travel journal book ever! It was so captivating and raw.

    Would love to meet you awesome sisters sometime! I can’t wait to read more of your adventures!

    1. You would love the Faroe Islands, Rhiann! They are so remote and you’ll never see a crowd there. It feels completely raw and authentic. Keep up the great work with your blog!

  2. Wow well done on your second nomination. You both completely deserve it! I will check out the blogs you have nominated too! I love Wild too Diana. It is really inspiring and I would love to complete the PCT one day 🙂 I felt a bit like she did at the beginning of Wild with my back pack when I left the UK in November to go to Korea as I have my stuff, some things for my friend and a tent and stove for my world travels. I have made it a little lighter now thanks goodness.

  3. Congratulations on your award. It is always great to know a little bit more about the person that is behind the wonderful stories on the blog. Hopefully many more will follow for you..

  4. I had heard so much about the Liebster Award, but never really got into looking into it. Thanks for the explanation and massive congrats for the nomination. How do you really get nominated? I would love to bring more visibility to my blog too! 🙂

    PS: Wild is my fav movie/book too..I just watched for the 34309534th time and I love it more each time. You should read Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed. It’s gorgeous. Love

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