Best Hotel in Ljubljana City Centre: Grand Hotel Union

Best Hotel in Ljubljana City Centre: Grand Hotel Union Best Hotel in Ljubljana City Centre: Grand Hotel Union

When Grand Hotel Union first opened in Ljubljana, Slovenia in 1905, it was the only modern hotel in Ljubljana and the tallest building in the city. Today, it is impossible to miss this elegant and historical looking building in the heart of Ljubljana’s city centre. Fully equipped with 173 rooms and decked out in full amenities including a fitness centre, swimming pool, and sauna, Grand Hotel Union has room for every type of traveler. If you’re looking for the best hotel in Ljubljana city centre to experience the full essence of the city, look no further than Grand Hotel Union.


There is no hotel in Ljubljana more centrally located than Grand Hotel Union. The hotel is steps away from Prešeren Square, the Triple Bridge, Ljubljana Castle, and pretty much every major site in Ljubljana. Grand Hotel Union is also easily accessible via all major highways, the train station, the bus station, and the airport. There is also an on-site, enclosed parking garage available to hotel guests.

When we arrived at Grand Hotel Union, we found that the hotel is connected to a separate section of hotels called Grand Hotel Union Business. We were immediately shown to the correct check in counter and were amazed by how aptly named Grand Hotel Union was as the hotel seemed even larger from the inside.


The rooms at Grand Hotel Union were spacious and came equipped with everything we could’ve asked for. The beds were very comfortable – so much so that we had a hard time getting up the next morning and almost missed our transportation to our next destination. There was also a spacious desk area, which I am always grateful for since I take my work with me on the road. The wifi was free and worked perfectly, so if you are like me and need to have access to wifi on your trips, you can rest assured that you will be able to work comfortably and efficiently at Grand Hotel Union.

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Hope and I always appreciate having a mini-fridge in our hotel room because we always manage to order way more than we can finish at restaurants when we travel. The mini fridge also helped cool our water bottles so they were nice and chilled by the time we left the room and stepped out into the hot summer heat.

The spaciousness of Grand Hotel Union didn’t end with the interior of the room – it extended to the room’s exterior. Four large glass panes opened out onto a long balcony with gorgeous views of the city. If I had one suggestion to improve our room at Grand Hotel Union, it would be to add some furniture to the balconies so guests can enjoy the views and the fresh air. However, we didn’t mind admiring the views from inside our room.

Grand Hotel Union’s dedication to elegance really showed in its attention to detail throughout the room, even in the bathroom. From the sleek design of the toiletry bottles to the wide selection of items offered, it was apparent that Grand Hotel Union had considered every detail in ensuring that the guest has the best experience possible.


I am a big breakfast person, and what I’ve learned from traveling the world is most countries in Europe are not big breakfast countries. Slovenia is one exception to that rule, and Grand Hotel Union satisfied all my breakfast cravings. The breakfast buffet at Grand Hotel Union will satisfy your taste buds and leave you with enough energy to tackle the rest of your day. With fresh cut meats and fish and plenty of hot foods, like my favorite, sautéed mushrooms, Grand Hotel Union knows that the way to my heart is through my stomach.

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In addition to breakfast, Grand Hotel Union offers a variety of options for lunch, dinner, and drinks. Make sure you treat yourself to a coffee in the Lobby Bar, a cozy meal in the beautifully vaulted Union Cellar Restaurant, or a nice al fresco dining experience in the outside garden of Restaurant Union.


Unfortunately our short stay at Grand Hotel Union did not allow us the time to enjoy the hotel’s many amenities, including an indoor swimming pool, fitness centre, and sauna. The fitness center is open 24 hours, so I really had no excuse not to go. It is free for hotel guests and open to outside guests for 40€ per visit. The sauna and swimming pool are open from 7:00AM to 10:00PM on weekdays and from 10:00AM to 10:00PM on weekends. You may also schedule massages by appointment outside of normal business hours.

Best Hotel in Ljubljana City Centre: Grand Hotel Union

Overall, we could not have asked for a more enjoyable experience than the one we had at Grand Hotel Union. Although we only had the opportunity to stay here for two nights, we could easily see ourselves staying here for weeks without running out of ways to enjoy ourselves. Grand Hotel Union was perfect for all our sightseeing needs, dining needs, and even business needs. If you’re looking for the best hotel in Ljubljana city centre, look no further than Grand Hotel Union.

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Best Hotel in Ljubljana City Centre: Grand Hotel Union

A big thank you to Grand Hotel Union for making our stay possible. As always, all opinions are 100% our own.

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  • Maria Angelova

    The most convincing point was the amazing balcony with a view. If there is anything in this world I love, it’s places with amazing views! Actually, I have a trip planned to Slovenia for next year, so this comes handy!

  • Marvi

    Grand Hotel Union sounds like a great place to stay! I always think that the longer an establishment has been in business, the more assured you are of its quality! Imagine, since 1905? Wow..

  • Suzannah

    The rooms look really clean and your pics are so helpful. Hoping to visit Slovenia next year so the Grand Hotel Union has become an option for us! Do you know if it is pet friendly at all?

  • Lisa

    I’ve not yet been to Ljubljana, but I will remember Grand Hotel Union, at least for the location. The views look lovely over the city, and the rooms are cosy too. That breakfast choice does look good and filling too!

  • Hannah

    I’m super impressed with this hotel- especially the bathroom amenities (love the sleek black packaging), the gym (how fun do those rings look?!) and the huge buffet breakfast. Sauteed mushrooms are my favourite too! I still haven’t been to Slovenia but we are planning to in the next couple of years so thanks for the tip!

  • Yukti

    Staying in Grand Hotel Union at Ljubljana is worth due to stunning views from balcony. Lovely place to relax as beds are so comfortable and toiletries look great. Sumptous Breakfast and Gym are the options which makes it a luxurious place to stay.

  • Soumya Nambiar

    I always love hotels that are centrally located and that is a plus point for me for Grand Hotel Union. And that view from the balcony is gorgeous. I agree many hotels in Europe don’t have elaborate breakfasts. So that is something I would also love about this hotel.

  • Tracy

    Yessss, I love cute toiletry bottles. It’s the little things, you know? haha It’s also too bad that you didn’t get to use much of the amenities, like the pool or gym. Looks like an amazing hotel and I’m glad you had a great experience!

  • Suzy

    What an amazing hotel! Visiting Ljubljana is up there on my list and this would be the perfect place to stay. And that breakfast looks delicious!

  • Gabbski

    This looks so nice! Ljubljana is still on my list of places to visit, so it’s good to know where to stay!

  • Frances

    What a nice looking hotel. Sounds like you had a good stay there

  • Mayi Mac

    This shows that old establishment can still retain their beauty after so many years. The hotel looks to be in such good state! Also the gym seems to be very big, you don’t see that very often!

  • Dina

    That looks like a really nice place to stay! Slovenia is on my bucket list of places to visit soon, will definitely check out this hotel!

  • Piia / Ticket to Adventures

    This looks like a lovely hotel to stay at in Ljubljana city centre! I would be more than happy to use their gym, swimming pool and sauna during my travels to stay fit.

  • Jing

    It’s amazing how Grand Hotel Union has witnessed Ljubljana’s history, and continued adapting to the present day modern time. Strategic location and comfort are my primary considerations when choosing accommodations, and this hotel satisfies these considerations. The availability of full breakfast option is also important for people like me who needs full breakfast to fuel my day.

  • Arnav Mathur

    Grand Hotel Union indeed looks Grand! And that view !!! I would love to wake up to such views.
    The food looks absolutely delicious, and with the location being such a plus point; this hotel is definitely on my radar.

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