Glamping in Slovenia with Big Berry

Glamping in Slovenia with Big Berry

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Glamping in Slovenia with Big Berry

During our sister trip this past summer, Diana and I had the opportunity to spend three nights glamping in Slovenia with Big Berry. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept of glamping, it is essentially a glorified version of camping that gives people the opportunity to experience being immersed in nature, while still having the same amenities that they would while at home or in a hotel.

Glamping in Slovenia with Big Berry

Our Big Berry Home

We first arrived at Big Berry Kolpa River around noon on a Saturday. We were greeted by the friendly and enthusiastic team and shown to our house. On the porch, there was a private jacuzzi, lounge chairs, and a breakfast table.

Glamping in Slovenia with Big Berry

Inside the house, there was a welcome basket with a few products from the local Big Berry partners, such as Zlati Ghee (a fragrant and natural butter), and 4 Kids and Us (all natural soap).

Glamping in Slovenia with Big Berry

Inside, there were a few sets of bunk beds as well as a private room with a queen size bed. The house has capacity for six people, so the two of us lived very comfortably. The house came with full amenities, including a full kitchen, bathroom, and living area.

Glamping in Slovenia with Big Berry

African Drumming Lesson

After we dropped off our bags, Lana, the Big Berry intern who showed us to our house, invited us to an African drumming lesson that was being offered to Big Berry staff and guests. Having both grown up playing the drums, we were excited to test our rhythm at the drumming class. The drumming group that was offering the lesson was a travelling group from Croatia. They provided us with drums and patiently taught us a few rhythms. At the end of our session, we even recorded a song with the drumming group. It was a unique and fun learning experience, and it gave us a good preview into all the fun things Big Berry had in store for us over the next few days.

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Glamping in Slovenia with Big Berry

Haunted Castle at Krupa River

Lana was in charge of making sure our stay was as enjoyable as possible, and she definitely succeeded in doing this. If we ever had spare time and wanted to do something, Lana would take us to unique and interesting locations in the area that the Big Berry interns had discovered over time. One of these places was a haunted castle next to the Krupa River.

Glamping in Slovenia with Big Berry

The castle had been abandoned many years back, and walking through it was eerie, to say the least. A few times, doors in the building would slam shut, or there would be other strange and creepy noises, so we tried to make it through the castle quickly.

Glamping in Slovenia with Big Berry

Krupa River

Afterwards, Lana took us to the Krupa River where visitors could cliff jump off the big cliff there. The area was very picturesque, and we could see, up-close, the unique turquoise colour of the water.

Glamping in Slovenia with Big Berry


We also had the opportunity to visit many of Big Berry’s partner brands during our time there. These visits were educational and memorable. One trip that stood out to me in particular was Berryshka, a local distillery and chocolatier. At Berryshka, we had the opportunity to tour the distillery and surrounding area. It was really neat to see the natural spring water supply, pictured below, that provided the water used in Berryshka spirits.

Glamping in Slovenia with Big Berry

We were introduced to the process of making the spirits, as well as the processes that went into making their other products like chocolates and lavender oil. After we toured the facilities, we were served a platter of various types of chocolates, spirits, and bread. The owner stayed with us the entire time and happily answered our questions about his business and products.

Glamping in Slovenia with Big Berry

Canoeing the Kolpa River

Aside from going on fun trips to partner brands, we were able to find a lot of fun activities to do at Big Berry as well. For example, one afternoon Diana and I took one of the canoes out onto the Kolpa River for a relaxing and picturesque float that ended at a small waterfall. We later found out that the land on the opposite side of the river belongs to Croatia, so we were glad we didn’t try to illegally disembark on the Croatian side without our passports. Other activities that Big Berry had available to us were a volleyball court, outdoor fitness area, lounge beds by the river, and more. There are also complimentary bicycles that guests can take out to explore the area as well.

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Glamping in Slovenia with Big Berry

Delicious Meals

All of our meals at Big Berry were included in our stay. Every morning, we would wake up to a breakfast basket on our porch. We had the option to choose what we wanted in our basket, so ours had bread, fruit, eggs, spreads, and some other Slovenian breakfast foods. For lunch and dinner, we had hot meals cooked fresh by chefs at Big Berry.

Glamping in Slovenia with Big Berry

The meals changed every day, which gave us more insight into typical foods eaten in Slovenia. Over the weekend, Big Berry invited a famous Croatian chef, Erich Glavica, for Big Berry’s Celebrity Chef event. Chef Glavica cooked us the most delicious Croatian-Slovenian meal alongside two other skilled Croatian and Slovenian chefs.

Glamping in Slovenia with Big Berry

Glamping in Slovenia with Big Berry was easily the best part of our summer trip. Both Diana and I have made lasting friendships with the staff there who went above and beyond in making sure we had the best experience possible. The facilities were the definition of luxury, and its location in a remote area engulfed in nature added to our experience of a relaxing getaway. The meals were some of the best we had on our trip, and the experiences we had are ones that we will remember and cherish for a long time. Book your trip with Big Berry here!


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A big thanks to Big Berry for making this experience possible. As always, all opinions are 100% our own.

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