Glamping Slovenia: 10 Fun Activities at Big Berry

Glamping Slovenia: 10 Fun Activities at Big Berry

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Glamping Slovenia: 10 Fun Activities at Big Berry

Want to hop on the glamping bandwagon but not sure where to go? Big Berry Kolpa River in rural Slovenia is the perfect mix of luxury, relaxation, and fun. With its multitude and variety of partners in the Bela Krajina region, you will never have a dull day. Whether you are in the mood for a canoe trip, wine tasting, or distillery tour, you will find something fun to do at Big Berry Kolpa River. Here are 10 fun activities at Big Berry that will make you want to add glamping in Slovenia to your travel list.

1. Tour a Local Distillery and Chocolatier

Tour a distillery and chocolatier in one at Berryshka, a family owned business about a 40 minute drive from Big Berry. Learn about the long history of the distillery, why it was shut down in the 20th century (along with all distilleries in Slovenia), which secret ingredients are added to its spirits, and what types of goodies the distillery is cooking up next. Be sure to sample some chocolate with your cocktail as well. In the summer months, take a seat on the outdoor patio and enjoy the beautiful views of the Slovenian countryside.

Glamping Slovenia: 10 Fun Activities at Big Berry

2. Canoe From Slovenia to Croatia

If you find yourself with a few spare hours on site at Big Berry, rent a canoe and paddle down the Kolpa River. Head towards the right side of Big Berry, and you’ll come across a small waterfall. If you’re able to get your hands on a raft or even a kayak, you can try paddling down the waterfall for a more exciting journey. Take note that the side of the Kolpa River opposite Big Berry is Croatia, so be sure to carry your passport in a waterproof bag with you if you plan to disembark on that side of the river.

Glamping Slovenia: 10 Fun Activities at Big Berry

3. Attend a Wine Tasting in the Kolpa River

You may have attended a wine tasting at some point in your life, but chances are you’ve never experienced a wine tasting in a river. Semiška penina, one of Big Berry’s partners, hosted a wine tasting in the Kolpa River while we were there. In case you’re not as fortunate to taste Semiška penina’s wines in the river, make sure you check out their location, a mere 15 minute drive from Big Berry.

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Glamping Slovenia: 10 Fun Activities at Big Berry

4. Take an African Drumming Lesson

Big Berry makes an effort to incorporate cultural and educational events into their weekly schedule, and we were fortunate enough to experience our first African drumming lesson with a visiting Croatian band. Be sure to check out any special events or guests Big Berry is hosting while you are there, as their events do not disappoint.

Glamping Slovenia: 10 Fun Activities at Big Berry

5. Visit a 16th Century Flour Mill

Domačija Kuzma, a 16th century flour mill, is located a mere 20 minutes’ drive from Big Berry and well worth a visit. The friendly staff there will take you on a tour of the facilities and show you how flour and corn were made back in the day. Make sure you stay and sample some of Domačija Kuzma’s homemade food and liquor as well.

6. Challenge Your Neighbors to a Volleyball Match

A good way to get to know some of your neighbors is to invite them to a volleyball match. The volleyball court is located between the Big Berry main office and the Big Berry houses. And in case your neighbors are unwilling, the Big Berry interns are always happy to engage in a friendly volleyball match. Other group activities available on site at Big Berry are soccer, yoga, and slacklining. The Big Berry interns will even take you to the local gym every morning if you are committed to your fitness.

Glamping Slovenia: 10 Fun Activities at Big Berry

7. Indulge in Fine Dining at a Big Berry Chef Event

Amongst the many fun events at Big Berry are Big Berry Chef (“BB Chef”) celebrations. For these events, Big Berry invites internationally renowned chefs like Chef Glavica from Croatia to come explore the local cuisine of Bela Krajina and to cook a big meal for Big Berry guests. The chefs will typically have some downtime during which you can interact with them and even visit partner brands with them.

Glamping Slovenia: 10 Fun Activities at Big Berry

You won’t be disappointed by the chefs that Big Berry carefully selects and invites to their sites. Make sure you save space to for dessert, too!

Glamping Slovenia: 10 Fun Activities at Big Berry

8. Explore an Abandoned Castle

Located about a 10 minute drive from Big Berry in the village of Gradac is an old abandoned castle called Gradac Castle. Written documents on the castle date back to 1228, and the castle has been used in a number of key historical events. Most notably, the castle was used as a military school for Partisan officers during World War II. The Slovenian Red Cross was also founded in the village of Gradac during that time.

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You will find several doors that lead into the castle. Be careful as you walk through the castle that you do not walk over any unstable stairs or floorboards, as the castle has not been lived in or renovated in decades. As you walk through the different levels of the castle, you will find closets full of abandoned clothing, shoes, and fabric, which used to be someone’s personal belongings a century ago. There is graffiti sprayed all over the walls, and posters and calendars hanging in some of the rooms.

Glamping Slovenia: 10 Fun Activities at Big Berry

9. Cliff Jump Into the Krupa River

Walking through the abandoned Gradac Castle may have put you a bit on edge, so you’ll want to head on over to the nearby Krupa River to take that edge off. Relax on one of the picnic benches in the park with a sandwich and beer and admire the turquoise river and lush greenery. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, pack your swim suit and go for a dive off the cliff at the other end of the park into the cold, blue water.

Glamping Slovenia: 10 Fun Activities at Big Berry

10. Relax in Your Private Jacuzzi

After a long day of fun activities, there is no better way to wind down than with a soak in your private jacuzzi. Each Big Berry house features a jacuzzi on the front porch. There is a hose connected to your house that you can use to fill up your tub when the water level starts to wane, and there are temperature and jet controls on the jacuzzi as well.

Glamping Slovenia: 10 Fun Activities at Big Berry

Glamping in Slovenia at Big Berry Kolpa River is so much more than your traditional camping trip. Discover the luxury of freedom with Big Berry’s lavish houses, indulge in the delicious local cuisine with Big Berry’s generous partners, and fuel your inner adventurer with these 10 fun activities at Big Berry. Book your house online today.


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19 Responses
  1. I would love to take a canoe trip must be full of adventure and amazing sights? The drumming lesson looks fun. I would love to visit Slovenia looks so pretty.

  2. This is definitely a great list of activities and especially when you want to get out and enjoy somewhere distinct. I particularly like the places where I can have my own peace and yet have plenty of activities to indulge in, if I want. Yet to visit this place and hopefully soon 🙂

  3. No that is camping/glamping – my idea of camping always was at minimum a 2 star with a view…lol…I may be Canadian but camping is not my idea of a good day out. So I absolutely love this and who could resist wine, chocolate and spirits not to mention all that lovely food.

  4. What an eclectic list of things to do in Slovenia! I only knew about Lake Bled so this post has definitely educated me. I also had no idea you could do an African drumming lesson there. This world is so globalized!

  5. Canoeing from Croatia to Slovenia? That’s very very interesting… Being a wine lover, I wouldn’t miss the Wine tour. Banjo session would be so much fun too. The fine dining for a romantic dinner wouldn’t hurt as well.

  6. I will travel through Slovenia later this year and have not really researched it yet. It’s interesting to read about Big Berry and the activities around the area. I’m interested to know how the chocolate is there!

  7. Distilleries, chocolate, wine tasting, fine foods, castles and private jacuzzis!? You girls don’t look like you were wanting for anything! What an incredible adventure! I’d love to try all of these things. How cool is it that you can say you have canoed from Slovenia to Croatia?

  8. That looks like a really fun trip. I especially like the beauty that is the Kolpa River and the chocolatier tour. I mean, who doesn’t like a little bit (or a lot *wink*) of chocolate?

  9. Big Berry does have a lot of amazing activities! I love the canoeing and the tour of the Flour Mill (a bit geeky? lol). It’s always fun to be educational from time to time. 😀

  10. This sounds fabulous – I have to say I’ve never really considered Slovenia as a destination for glamping, in fact I know very little about the country! Reading your post has really inspired me to go, I love the thought of jumping in the river and kayaking to Croatia 🙂

  11. I’ve always wanted to go Glamping!!! This place looks awesome…especially number 9 and 10, the cliff jumping followed by some Jacuzziing!

  12. Abhinav Singh

    I loved the interesting activities you listed down here. Visiting an abandoned castles excite me the most. I visited a similar ancient haveli (Large residential complex) in Rajasthan, India. I wish they had not painted graffiti in here though.

  13. African drumming lesson with a visiting Croatian band looks exciting. While Slovenia already has so much to offer, you have given a list of interesting things to do by the big Berry Kolpa River in rural Slovenia. There is so much to travel and see.

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