Exploring Paris and Versailles With The Paris Guy

Exploring Paris and Versailles With The Paris Guy Exploring Paris and Versailles With The Paris Guy

Home to the third busiest airport in the world, and welcoming nearly 40 million visitors to the area every year, Paris is one of the world’s top tourist destinations. From the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral to the Louvre and Arc de Triumph, Paris’s famous landmarks can amaze even the most seasoned traveler when visiting for the first time. However, exploring Paris and the surrounding area can also be somewhat overwhelming, as you try to navigate through a huge city filled with big crowds and long lines at seemingly every city landmark. And if you hate long lines as much as we do, this can take away from your overall experience in this incredible city. Lucky for you (and for us), you can now visit Paris and Versailles like a VIP, cutting all the long lines and having a fun and enjoyable time learning about the major landmarks. It’s easy to see why exploring Paris and Versailles with The Paris Guy is the best way to visit Paris for the first – or fifth – time.

Brief History of The Paris Guy

You may recall our visit to Rome last summer with a company called The Roman Guy, which allowed us to tour the Vatican and explore Rome’s super hip Trastevere neighborhood VIP style. With The Roman Guy, we were able to skip all the lines at the Vatican, which if you’ve ever visited the Vatican in the dead of summer, you’ll understand to be a big deal. We also had a blast on our food tour of Trastevere, as we ate our way through the neighborhood and had our glasses constantly refilled with fine Italian wine.

This is why we’re so excited that the founders of The Roman Guy have decided to take their talents to Paris and create The Paris Guy, a tour company based on the same core tenants of fun, relaxation, and line-skipping. While they’re only starting out with three core tour options, they are planning to expand and offer more tours throughout the city in the future.

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The Paris Guy Tour Options

The Louvre

Exploring Paris and Versailles With The Paris Guy

The Louvre is the world’s largest museum. There are over 38,000 pieces of artwork within the museum, so if you take just 30 seconds to stop at each piece of art, it will take you almost an entire year to see everything. The pinnacle of it all? Arguably, the most famous painting in the world – the Mona Lisa.

With so much history in one place, it’s no wonder that The Louvre draws in over 20,000 visitors a day, resulting in massive lines. Coupled with its enormous size, you could spend your whole day just trying to get in and staring at a map. That’s why I highly recommend a Skip the Line Tour with The Paris Guy. Not only are you able to skip to the front of the line – ahead of thousands of people – you will also have a guide that knows The Louvre inside and out (did I mention how beautiful the grounds are?), so that you can ensure you’re making the most of your visit and not left wondering if you missed out on seeing the most famous masterpieces.

The Paris Catacombs

Exploring Paris and Versailles With The Paris Guy

Most people talk about what there is to see above ground in Paris, but did you know that underneath your feet, “The City of Light” also has a dark side? In the 1700s, Paris was running out of room in its cemeteries and started burying their dead in the city’s underground mines to help solve the problem. In the end, roughly six million of the city’s deceased ended up underground and forgotten about for a century.

Today, you can tour the Catacombs and, trust me, it’s not something you want to try exploring on your own. The whole network is comprised of 200 miles of tunnels, caves and quarries. Is it creepy? Yes, a little. But it’s definitely a piece of Paris’s history that you do not want to miss.

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Versailles Palace

Exploring Paris and Versailles With The Paris Guy

If you have more than a few days in Paris, you definitely want to take a break from the city and head over to the Palace of Versailles. It’s less than an hour from the city center, and you won’t regret leaving the city’s hustle and bustle for the fairytale beauty of Versailles. Built in the 17th through 18th century for King Louis XIV and his family, the Palace sits on 721,182 square feet of land – and that’s not even including the palace’s iconic gardens.

With such a huge footprint, you’re definitely going to want to skip the lines and get right into your tour so you can fit in all the highlights.

Other suggestions? Bring water, comfortable walking shoes, and sunglasses for looking at all the gold!

Not every day in Paris needs to incorporate a formal tour. One of the best things to do in Paris, if you have the time, is to wander and get lost. However, there are definitely attractions that you don’t want to waste time in and don’t want to waste time trying to navigate on your own. The Roman Guy really made our trip to Italy and we are so excited for the launch of The Paris Guy so that future trips to Paris can be just as smooth and enjoyable.

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  • Chloe

    Ahh I’ve done a few tours in Paris but haven’t done The Paris Guy yet. It sounds like wonderful options! I would love to go back and visit Versailles again- my husband hasn’t made it there yet. Definitely remembering this for when we go back!

  • Lisa

    That’s so cool, I’ve never heard of the Paris guy! I wonder if there’s a guy in every European city??! The Paris Catacombs are very creepy, but I think it’s worth visiting. And you can’t see Paris with visiting Versailles; it never disappoints.

  • Rhiannon

    I’ve seen the Paris Guy mentioned on a few different blogs recently, and the tours seem like really great ways to see the city! I’d especially love to do the Paris Catacombs tour – I’ve never visited Paris before but when I do I’ll be sure to check out The Paris Guy.

  • Soraya

    Omg!!! Where was the Paris Guy when I was in Paris years ago. What a life saver! The lines and enormous crowds was such a stress and made visiting places like Louvre and Versailles so stressful. Next time I’m in Paris, I’m totally going to use the Paris Guy to skip the line. Great to know that you can also get a guided tour of the Louvre.

  • Leah

    I’ve never heard of the Paris Guy, but I wish I had as I was just there last month! I’d love to be able to go back to Versailles and see it like a VIP 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing, I will keep this in mind for my next trip!

  • Clarice Lao

    Wow! I would love to have a comfortable trip. Will definitely check out The Paris Guy. I think their tours would be a great help. I don’t like the lines especially if we really can’t afford very long trips. Thank you for sharing.

  • Jenn and Ed Coleman

    I think we will have to use a VIP tour company like The Paris Guy when we visit. I just think we would end up grumpy with all the lines (and all the people). Having a top notch guide and front of the line service would really help out. It’s also a real pain in the but to get to Paris and Versailles in the same day without expert help. You could probably more than afford to pay for your tour (and tip your guide) by being able to get in and out of Paris that much faster. The “burn rate” is pretty high in Paris so you spend a lot of money to just stand in line.

  • Chris Bloomfield

    I am a huge fan of art and the Louvre is known for being epic, but 38,000 pieces of art is crazy! How could you even handle looking at a small section of the place without having sensory overload? It would be cool to see, especially if we skipped the line to get in. Plus the guide could take us right to the art we just have to see. Great information for when we visit Paris.

  • Heidi

    We haven’t tried the Paris or Roman Guy, but it looks like fun. It’s always nice to use a tour for skipping the line, one of the best perks. And it’s really nice when you get an amazing tour guide. We did Sandeman’s free walking tour in Paris which was so worth it and loved our tour guide so much that we booked 2 more tours with her just to enjoy Paris with an amazing guide.

  • Anna

    Paris a such a magical city! I still haven’t been to Versailles ant Catacombs though!
    P.s. Can’t believe you’ve skipped that line in Vatican! If only I´d knew of Roman Guy back then… lol

    Have a wonderful weekend!

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