25 Most Instagrammable Restaurants, Bars, and Cafes in Chicago

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Whether you’re an Instagram influencer or not, you’ll enjoy the fun food presentation and chic decor at these 25 Instagrammable restaurants, bars, and cafes in Chicago. Not only does the food taste good at these 25 iconic Chicago spots, but it also looks good – sometimes a little too good that you don’t even want to eat it for fear of ruining the presentation. Whether you’re looking for aesthetically pleasing interior design, fun outdoor murals, or unique food presentation, you’ll find something you like in this list of the 25 most Instagrammable restaurants, bars, and cafes in Chicago.

1. 3 Arts Club Cafe

One of the most talked about and sought after restaurants in Chicago, 3 Arts Club Cafe at Restoration Hardware has gorgeous furniture and sparkling chandeliers in a greenhouse-esque room that offers beautiful natural lighting during the day. This is any photographer’s dream, but plan ahead and be prepared to wait a couple of hours for a table.

25 Most Instagrammable Restaurants, Bars, and Cafes in Chicago

Photo by Juli Ann Polise

2. Hampton Social

Hampton Social is famous for its frosé and, with that, its bright pink “Rosé all day” sign. There are also hanging rope chairs and other lightly colored furniture that make you feel like you’re on a beach, even in the dead of winter.

3. Beatnik

Beatnik is one of a few restaurants that made both our list of the best restaurants in Chicago as well as our list of the most Instagrammable restaurants in Chicago. With an eclectic mix of jungle decor and antique, luxury furniture, you won’t be able to resist taking a few photos of this unique space.

4. Beach House Social

Visiting Chicago in the winter? During a polar vortex? Escape to Beach House Social and forget for a couple of hours that you chose to travel to a place with subzero temps. The beach-y decor will make you feel more like you’re in southern California than in Chiberia.

5. Summer House Santa Monica

Sticking with the theme of escaping the cold, another option if you’ve landed in Chicago at the wrong time is to go to Summer House Santa Monica, where the plants and California vibes will make you forget (albeit temporarily) where you are. The glass ceilings provide the perfect amount of lighting for the perfect #nofilter photos.

6. The Allis

The rustic-posh vibe at the Allis is perfect for an afternoon tea and crumpets backdrop. Try to get seated at this large couch for some of the coziest shots.

25 Most Instagrammable Restaurants, Bars, and Cafes in Chicago

Photo by Juli Ann Polise

7. Revival Food Hall

Revival does food and ambiance equally well, so it’s no surprise customers voted it the best food hall in Chicago. Try to get here during off-hours so you don’t end up spending hours at home cropping the crowds out of your photos.

8. Imperial Lamian

Imperial Lamian is known for its soup dumplings – but not just any ordinary soup dumpling. The soup dumplings here are multi-colored, the perfect setting for a fun and unique photo.

9. The Flamingo Rum Club

It’s not so much the interior of The Flamingo Rum Club we’re after as much as the exterior. You don’t even have to eat here to get a fun photo with the huge pink flamingo on the outside facade of the restaurant (but you should).

10. Eden

Another restaurant with an appealing exterior facade, Eden goes for a more nature-filled ambiance to help you forget for a minute that you’re actually surrounded by skyscrapers, not trees.

11. Yuzu

Yuzu also made our list of the best restaurants in Chicago, and that’s because the chefs there put as much attention into aesthetic as it does taste. The sushi platters at Yuzu are decorated beautifully, and you’ll have a hard time resisting the urge to bust out the iPhone for a quick photo before diving in.

25 Most Instagrammable Restaurants, Bars, and Cafes in Chicago

12. Cindy’s Rooftop

It’s no surprise to me that Cindy’s was named one of the best rooftops in the U.S. With a direct and close view of Lake Michigan, Millennium Park, Grant Park, and the Bean, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better view of Chicago than at Cindy’s.

13. Paradise Park

Beautifully decorated patios are hard to come by in Chicago because who wants to invest that much money into something you can only use for half the year? Apparently Paradise Park does. Even this pup recognized the opportunity for awesome IG content here.

14. Heritage Bicycles

With a cool, modern-rustic interior and a large “Greetings from Chicago” sign on its exterior, Heritage is the perfect place to get a coffee, get your bike fixed, and get some photos that will make people wishing their bikes needed fixing, too.

15. Sawada Coffee

The owner of Sawada is a latte art expert, so if you’re looking for some beautiful coffee pics, Sawada is the place to be.

16. Maison Marcel

You’ll feel like you’ve been transported to Paris as soon as you step foot in Maison Marcel. Stylish + cozy = Maison Marcel.

17. 3 Dots and a Dash

With the weather on the colder side most of the year, Chicago probably isn’t the first place you think of when you think tiki bar. Luckily, you are wrong because 3 Dots and a Dash is in our city, and you’ll feel super tropical and extra at this hidden basement tiki bar.

25 Most Instagrammable Restaurants, Bars, and Cafes in Chicago

18. Lost Lake

Another tiki bar that made our list, Lost Lake is a lot more relaxed and calm compared to 3 Dots and a Dash, so if you’re looking for more chill and less heat (but you obviously still want cool pics of tropical drinks), Lost Lake is the place for you.

19. I|O Godfrey

This upscale hotel has one of the most beautiful retractable rooftops, which means you can enjoy drinks on the roof year round. In the winter, the rooftop is transformed into a winter wonderland, with private bubble igloos for rent if you want to really go all out and impress your guests. Instagrammable rating: 12/10.

20. Homeslice

The outdoor patio at Homeslice is newly redone and looks better than ever, with clever signage and a converted Airstream for your private parties.

21. Parlor Pizza

You’re an angel about sticking to your diet most of the time, but now you can wear your wings even while downing pizzas and beers! In the warmer months, the Instagrammable space here doubles as the large outdoor patio opens.

22. Green Street Smoked Meats

Is there any pic that shouts strong, independent woman more than this? The BBQ at Green Street is no joke, and the rustic farmhouse decor is the perfect complement for your most aggressive food pics.

23. Bombo Bar

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you’ll want to pay close attention to the next few spots. Just be warned that you will absolutely get a sugar high followed by a hard crash after downing one of these bombos, but at least you’ll die happy.

24. Aha Crepe

Have you heard of rolled ice cream? Gone are the days of chunky scoops, and here to stay are the finely crafted, thin slices of ice cream that trick you into thinking you’re ingesting fewer calories than you really are.

25. La Michoacana Premium Pilsen

La Michoacana is the perfect summer photo spot! There is so much color, fun, and creativity in every dessert that you won’t be able to resist squeezing in a quick photoshoot before everything melts!

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