Hi there, and welcome to our blog! We are two sisters with very different backgrounds and personalities but a common love for travel. We’ve visited over 60 countries so far, and our trips have taken us primarily around North America, Europe, and Asia but we’re itching to check out South America and Australia as soon as possible. Some of our favorite destinations so far include Iceland, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Rwanda, and Myanmar, but really there are too many to count!

The Birth of MVMT Blog

MVMT Blog was born in July 2016, after our first sister trip to Norway where we undertook a 10-hour hike to Trolltunga. We ended up getting lost on the hike, accidentally scaled an extra mountain, and found out we were severely under-prepared. We were determined to share our tips with others so they didn’t have to go through the same thing we went through, and that’s how MVMT Blog was born!

Hope spent her childhood in the great state of Michigan. It wasn’t until Hope was in 8th grade that our family relocated to Toronto, where Hope stayed until heading off to university. In the years between 7th grade and her second year of university, she found herself as the new girl in 6 different schools. She recently graduated from the University of Michigan, and is currently working at a startup in NYC.

By the time Diana graduated high school, she had attended eight different schools and lived in seven zip codes. She found her identity as the “new kid” in school and loved meeting people and making new friends from all around the country. For the last seven years, Diana has lived in Chicago, which is the longest she’s ever lived in one place in her entire life. She left her job at her law firm in March 2017 and has been teaching people how to live a lifestyle of travel and helping online entrepreneurs legally protect their brands ever since.

How We Started Travelling

Our affinity for travel started at a young age. Our parents immigrated to the United States from China when Diana was four years old (and Hope was not yet born). After finishing his master’s degree in Mississippi, our ambitious and hard-working father quickly rose through the ranks in several companies, leading our family to relocate often for his job. 

Given our somewhat nomadic upbringings, it is easy to see why we are most comfortable in foreign places. However, it wasn’t until the last 4-5 years that the two of us started traveling a lot more extensively throughout the U.S. and abroad. Since then, we have collectively traveled to over 30 countries in Europe and over 65 worldwide, all while working or attending university full time. Follow along on our journey, and we’ll show you how to make the most of your vacation days to travel the world!