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Hi there, I’m Kathy from the UK, blogger at Walkabout Wanderer. In 2008 I went from package holidays to travelling solo around the world. I have now visited over 55 countries. My passion is exploring the road less travelled and being immersed in different cultures.

In my early 20’s you would have found me taking a two week holiday in a resort, spending my day by the pool and all night partying. The occasional very organised day trips by the hotel would lead me to believe I was seeing the world, but there was more I desired…

…to actually see the world!

In 2008, I threw away my holidays in heels and took a solo flight to Guatemala to build houses for the poor. I didn’t even know where Guatemala was, let alone how to build a house. However, that trip provided me with true friends, opened my eyes to the lure of travelling, and helped me grow in confidence every day. Since then, I have travelled to many places alone, made friends I will never forget, and shown people how to travel safely as a female.

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My love of travel and photography began at a young age. Growing up, I could never sit still and always wanted to explore. Even now, my imagination often takes me to fun and exciting places. I see the potential in all places, and I think this perspective has had a significant impact on my photography. I often see the smaller details as the most impressive, and I like to build on that to create an image that captures a magical moment. For the longest time I’ve felt unchallenged by my daily routine, and I think it’s because we are often inclined to stay close to what makes us comfortable and content, but I do not want to merely be content. I want to be in love with life, and travelling is what makes me feel that way.

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I love learning about different cultures and how other people live, and I love meeting people who inspire me to be better. I began travelling solo in 2012 when I got tired of waiting for others to make up their mind and make plans to travel with me. I booked my flights to Europe and began to get lost in foreign lands. Since then, I’ve indulged my wanderlust tendencies alone, with one other person, in a group, and as part of a project. I’ve bungee jumped, scuba dived, camped and couch surfed. I’ve hitchhiked, taken trains, buses, and boats and have written down thousands of thoughts on every journey, which I will continue to share with the world. I still work a 9-5 and my feet are in England right now, but my heart is in Norway, and my mind is in South Africa.

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