Best Coworking Spaces in NYC For Every Budget

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I’ve recently entered the world of digital nomads and as such, I have been spending an extensive amount of time researching co-working spaces in NYC. Having a membership to a co-working space eliminates the stress of finding a coffeeshop to work from every day. This includes not having to search for good wifi and outlets, not having to wonder whether there will be open seats, and not having to keep buying pastries and drinks you don’t want, just to justify staying there for 6+ hours. Below, I’ve compiled a list of best coworking spaces in NYC for high, mid, and low budgets, as well as two free options to consider checking out.

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Best High-Budget Coworking Spaces in NYC


Seating at Primary | Best Coworking Spaces in NYC

Primary NYC

Primary was started by two former WeWork employees

Starting off our list of best coworking spaces in NYC is Primary. Primary is a higher budget co-working space that comes with a ton of perks. With a primary membership, you get access to their fitness studio and unlimited yoga, pilates, and meditation classes. They also offer luxurious locker rooms with showers and towel service so that you have everything you need for your mid-day workout. On top of that, they offer high-speed internet, a 24/7 help desk for software and computing problems, printing and scanning, and food/drinks for purchase. Primary is available for members to use 24/7, an unlimited number of times. It also includes conference rooms and phone booths for private calls and meetings. The general membership cost for Primary is $400/month, or $300/month with a 3-month commitment. There are two locations In NYC – one in FiDi at 26 Broadway, and one near Penn Station at 251 W. 30th St.

Best Mid-Budget Coworking Spaces in NYC

Nowhere Studios

Seating at Nowhere Studios | Best Coworking Spaces in NYC

Nowhere Studios

Nowhere Studios is our favourite mid-range co-working option at just $195/month. Members get 24/7 access to the space, as well as high-speed internet, printing and scanning, mail & package reception, free coffee, classes and events, and even lockers. Members can also take advantage of the 2000 square foot roof and work outside during warmer months. If you’re looking to make a private phone call, there are phone booths available for all members to use. Nowhere Studios is designed to suit your unique work style, whether you prefer working at standing desks, outside, on the couches, and more. This co-working space makes our list of best coworking spaces in NYC because of their strong emphasis on community, and they even hosts a monthly BBQ/happy hour to help members meet each other and connect. The space is located in Bed-Stay, at 1582 Atlantic Ave.

Best Low-Budget Coworking Spaces in NYC


Croissant Location | Best Coworking Spaces in NYC

Croissant co-working location

Croissant is our pick for most bang-for-your-buck co-working space on this list of best co-working spaces in NYC. There are an endless number of locations throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, and New Jersey to work out of. Croissant is also active in 31 cities around the world (including our local cities of Toronto and Chicago).

Each location tells you how many seats are available there, information about conference rooms, beverages, transportation options, and more. There are a few different membership options for Croissant. The cheapest is $39/month for 10 hours to use at the co-working space. The one that we recommend is the $129 option for 40 hours a month, and 5 free guest hours. If you anticipate yourself needing extra hours, there is a $249 option for 120 hours and 20 guest hours, but at that point you might as well choose one of the higher-budget co-working spaces with unlimited hours. All hours roll over month to month, so you never have to worry about wasting your hours in a given month.

Best Free Coworking Spaces in NYC

AWS Lofts

AWS Lofts Event | Best Coworking Spaces in NYC

AWS Lofts

The AWS lofts is #1 on our list of best coworking spaces in NYC for those looking for free options. The AWS lofts are co-working spaces in NYC, SF, Tel Aviv, and Tokyo. The lofts in NYC are located in SoHo at 350 West Broadway. They’re open Monday-Friday, 9:30am-5:30pm, with the exception of holidays and special events (you can check their calendar here). The space is technically free for everyone to use, but you need to have an AWS account to enter. This is ideal for those regularly using AWS anyways, because there are staff on-hand who are there to answer any questions you might have about the services. The lofts can get crowded and is first come first serve, so make sure you arrive early if you want to snag a decent spot. In addition to being a co-working space, the AWS lofts also offer free workshops and events on various topics, from containers, to IoT, to overall how to work with AWS. Plus, don’t forget to take advantage of their free snacks and refreshments!

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Man working on laptop | Best Coworking Spaces in NYC


Workfrom is not a traditional co-working space like the others on this list. Rather, it is a community where remote workers can share knowledge and connect with one another. They have a few different features. Their free one, and the one that got it on this list of best coworking spaces in NYC, is their database of coworking spaces and cafes. Community members submit places that they’ve worked at, as well as some information about each – WiFi speed, accessible outlets, background noise, and more. They’re currently active in 20 cities across the US, Europe, and Asia, in addition to New York. If you want to dive even deeper into Workfrom’s community, you can join their Slack channel for a one-time fee of $99 (now on sale for $49). This will give you access to over 3,500 other digital nomads across their network, job opportunities, deals, and more. Check out more of Workfrom’s features here.

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