Black-Owned Businesses That You Can Support in NYC

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There are a number of existing resources and lists for Black-owned restaurants that you can support in NYC, so I decided to compile all of these resources into one master list. This list includes resources for finding Black-owned businesses of all kinds – including restaurants, brands, nonprofits, and more. If you’re currently in NYC, please consider ordering food from the restaurants on these lists . If you’re not currently in NYC (like myself), please consider buying from Black-owned brands, donating, or signing petitions. I’ll be updating this list as I come across new resources.

Where to Find Black-Owned Businesses In NYC

Support Black-owned businesses | MVMT Blog

Eat Okra: Eat Okra is an app that has over 2,250 Black-owned restaurants listed. For each restaurants, there is a link to apps where you can order delivery for that restaurant, navigation directions, ratings, contact information, and more.

Black Owned Brooklyn: Discover Black-owned businesses in Brooklyn through reading about their stories. Businesses in all categories from food, to home & design, to health & wellness, and more are featured on this site.

Eboneats: Eboneats is a great resource for people looking to support Black individuals in the food industry. It goes beyond restaurants and features bartenders, catering companies, chefs, food bloggers, grocery stores, and more in the NYC area.

Support Black Owned (SBO): This online resource allows users to filter by state, category, or keyword. Their goal is ‘to list every Black Owned business, church, entertainer, restaurant, etc, in the whole world’, and they make well on their promise. I came across realtors, dentists, photographers, and more when looking through the New York section.

Hannah Goldfield Restaurant Spreadsheet: Hannah Goldfield, a New Yorker food critic, compiled a spreadsheet of Black-owned eateries – restaurants, bars, bakeries, etc., with information including location, service, and contact information.

NYCity Black: This comprehensive directory lists all types of Black-owned businesses in industries including the arts, automotive, community & government, financial, home & garden, and more.

Lingua Franca Business Spreadsheet: NYC brand Lingua Franca has compiled a spreadsheet of Black-owned businesses, predominantly in the clothing/jewellery/personal care categories. This list includes businesses both in NYC and across the US.

FiveFifths: FiveFifths is a massive resource for all types of Black-owned businesses. They have what they call ‘The Black List’ for categories including clothing, restaurants, beauty, and hair. The site also includes news and interviews highlighting Black business owners and other inspiring Black figures in the community.

Articles Featuring Ways to Support Black-Owned Businesses In NYC

Support Black-owned businesses in NYC | MVMT Blog

Thrillist: This is an all-encompassing article that includes numerous ways that you can support the Black community in NYC. It links to nonprofits and businesses that you can donate to, community efforts that you can take part in, restaurants that you can order from, and other Black businesses that you can support including bookstores, flowershops, festivals, and more.

The Infatuation: This very extensive list by The Infatuation lists Black-owned restaurants across all the NYC boroughs. The restaurants are separated by areas within each borough so you can quickly jump to your area. It also gives a brief description of each restaurant’s cuisine, takeout/delivery options, and website/Instagram handles so you can stay up to date on their happenings.

Glamour: Glamour lists a number of Black-owned businesses in health, cosmetics, art, and more, including smaller businesses across Manhattan and Brooklyn. Check them out and order online to show your support.

The Strategist: The majority of the 75+ businesses on the list are located in NYC, but the list also includes businesses outside of NYC. Businesses are in industries including beauty, books, clothing and accessories, food and drink, fitness, home décor, and more.

Marie Claire: Not NYC-specific, but here is a list of 51 Black-owned fashion brands that you can support by ordering from them online.

Additional Resources for Places to Donate In NYC

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Black Feminist Project: Through urban farming, the Black Feminist Project is working to feed residents of the South Bronx, one of the poorest areas in NYC. Consider donating to the cause to support their mission and get more people fed.

Bed-Stuy Strong: A mutual aid network of over 3,000 people located in Bed-Stuy. Donations are used to purchase groceries and supplies for vulnerable members of the community. Also check out Crown Heights Mutual Aid, Flatbush Mutual Aid, Astoria Mutual Aid, and South Brooklyn Mutual Aid

Equality for Flatbush: This organization does ‘anti-police repression, affordable housing and anti-gentrification/anti-displacement organizing in Flatbush, East Flatbush and Brooklyn-wide’. It’s run by residents and volunteers in the Flatbush area who have two main goals: to end NYPD murders and the displacement of low-middle income people in the community.

Marsha P. Johnson Institute: Donations to the Marsha P. Johnson Institute help ’employ Black trans people, build more strategic campaigns, launch winning initiatives, and interrupt the people who are standing in the way of more being possible in the world for Black trans people’.

If you have any additional resources to add to this list, please send me an email at or reach out to me via Instagram.

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