How to get from Laguardia Airport to Manhattan

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Even with tools such as Google Maps, navigating from LaGuardia Airport to Manhattan can be confusing for travellers and those new to the city. Unfortunately, getting to the city from Laguardia can be tricky as there is no direct bus or train to Manhattan. If you’re planning your commute from the airport, you definitely don’t want to waste time getting lost or trying to figure out which bus/train to take. Check out this guide on how to get from Laguardia Airport to Manhattan to ensure a seamless travel experience.

Laguardia Airport to Manhattan

Airport at sunset | MVMT Blog

How to get from Laguardia Airport to Manhattan | MVMT Blog

If you’re going from Laguardia Airport to Manhattan, you have a few options. There are three main buses that will take you from LGA to Manhattan – the Q70, M60, and Q47. Aside from these buses, you can also take the Q48 or Q72. However, these two buses both take significantly longer because you’ll have to spend much more time on the bus than the subway. If you do choose to take those, the Q48 runs to Harlem and the Q72 to Hells Kitchen.

There are four terminals at LGA – A, B, C, and D. The Q70 bus stops at terminals B, C, and D, the Q47 bus stops at terminal A only, and the M60 stops at all four terminals. The Q70 and Q47 buses will both take you to Jackson Heights/Roosevelt Ave, where you can hop on the E, F, M, and R trains. You can also take the Q70 to 61 St Woodside, where you’ll be able to take the 7 train. The M60 is temporarily closed until early 2020, but normally takes you to Astoria Blvd. where you can take the N and W trains.

For the Q70 Laguardia Link SBS, make sure you use the machines in the bus waiting area to get a receipt first. For buses with SBS after their name, you need to obtain a receipt before boarding the bus. This a simple two-step process – put your metrocard into the machine, and it’ll print out a receipt that you can show to your bus driver. The buses and trains cost $2.75 one way.

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Manhattan to Laguardia Airport

NYC Subway | MVMT Blog

How to get from Laguardia Airport to Manhattan | MVMT Blog

Going to Laguardia airport from Manhattan is more or less the same process. You can hop on the E, F, M, or R trains to Jackson Heights/Roosevelt Ave, the 7 to 61 St Woodside, or the N, W to Astoria Blvd. Jackson Heights/Roosevelt Ave are serviced by the Q70 and Q47, and 61 St Woodside is also serviced by the Q70. From Astoria Blvd, the M60 bus will take you to Laguardia. The buses can sometimes be tricky to spot, so make sure you follow the signs carefully. From Roosevelt Ave, turn left after exiting the subway station and you’ll find the Laguardia buses located within a cluster of other buses.

Before you start your commute to LGA, make sure you check which terminal your flight is leaving from. This way, you won’t accidentally take the subway to catch a bus that doesn’t service your terminal. You can check your terminal information by seeing which gate your flight departs from. For example, if your departure gate is A20, your flight is leaving from terminal A. Here is a general list of airlines and their terminals at Laguardia:.

  • A: JetBlue
  • B: Air Canada, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines
  • C: Delta Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Spirit, WestJet
  • D: Delta

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NYC Bus | MVMT Blog

How to get from Laguardia Airport to Manhattan | MVMT Blog

  • The only public transportation that goes from Laguardia Airport to Manhattan are buses
  • There are three buses that run to and from LGA and Manhattan, and all three serve different terminals: Q70 (terminal B, C, and D), M60 (terminal A, B, C, and D but not operating until 2020), and Q47 (terminal A).
  • Subway lines to Q70 and Q47: E, F, M, R (to Jackson Heights/Roosevelt Ave) and 7 (61 St Woodside)
  • Subway lines to M60: N, W, (Astoria Blvd)
  • Cost: $2.75 one way

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Now, you can rest assured that you know all the ins and outs of how to get from Laguardia Airport to Manhattan (and vice versa). Enjoy your time in New York City to the fullest, and take in all the city has to offer!

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