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We’ve traveled to over 65 countries as a lawyer and university student, and we’re here to show you how to travel beyond life’s boundaries. Follow along on our adventure and be inspired to create your own!

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  • 24 Hours in Berlin

    It may come as a surprised to you – and it certainly comes as a surprise to me – that Berlin, a city I have visited twice for 24 hours or less each time, is one of my favorite cities in the world. No other city has the same juxtaposition of rich hist…

  • 24 Hours in Budapest

    In the middle of my month-long stay in Germany, I decided I wanted to see as many countries as I could before I left Europe. This led to me planning (which basically involved booking hostels the night before my trips and having a vague idea of the ma…

  • 24 Hours in Oslo

    One of my good friends from university (Mackenzie) moved to Oslo to pursue her masters degree after she graduated university and has been living there for the last two years or so. My sister and I had the opportunity to meet up with her while we were…

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We’ve been to over 65 countries on 4 continents collectively, and we’re constantly adding new countries to our list. Want to know how many countries we aim to travel to in our lifetime? Well, there are 196 countries in the world, and we’ve been to 65. You do the math.


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15 Awesome Things to Do in Plovdiv

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