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If you want to take your blog seriously and treat it as a business and not just as a hobby, the first step is to make sure it’s legally protected. That means having the right legal contracts in place, making sure you’re not inadvertently violating any intellectual property laws, and keeping your business (blog) assets and liabilities separate from your personal assets and liabilities.

Get Your Legal Ducks In a Row: Smart Business Practices For Every Online Entrepreneur

Diana D. Chen Legal Templates

What’s the difference between treating your business like a serious money-making machine vs. a hobby?

Why is it so important to keep your business assets and liabilities separate from your personal assets and liabilities?

How can you keep track of your business expenses without having any accounting background?

All of these questions – and more – will be answered for you in this 44-page resource (workbook included!)

This template is for bloggers who want to treat their blog as a business and not as a mere hobby or personal journal. Bloggers face unique challenges in the online world, particularly as they grow to become online influencers and embark on press trips and media visits. This starter kit is intended to help serious bloggers get off the ground and running with all the legal protections necessary to start turning their blog into a money making machine.

Blogger Starter Kit

Blogger Starter Kit

No Idea What You Need When It Comes To Legal?

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