We’re Back!

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Hi MVMT Blog, we’re back after a long hiatus.

COVID threw a major wrench in the momentum we had going with MVMT Blog. Our motivation to encourage and inspire travel stopped being our priorities, and with everything going on in the world and in our own lives, we decided to pause the travel blog indefinitely. One year turned into two… and, well, now it’s been almost three years since we’ve regularly posted about our adventures. 

One reason we decided to take an indefinite pause was because of travel burnout. As they say, even good things can become bad when taken to excess, and this definitely holds true for traveling. Instead of enjoying our time on trips, we became obsessed with documenting every detail, capturing every image, and constantly thinking about our next blog post. Our trips started to feel like a chore, and it was difficult to find the ability to be present and spontaneous. Back at home, we had trouble connecting with our inner circles as our friends and families continued living their lives without us, and all of our time away was alienating us from our closest people.

Fast forward three years, and a lot has changed in both of our lives. Diana has become heavily involved in the web3 community and started Rehash, the first ever community-owned podcast, and I finally stayed at a job for two years (and promptly proceeded to quit and start a travel planning business). Our relationships with travel have also changed — Diana adopted a dog during COVID and while she is no longer able to make multiple trips abroad like she used to, she’s still traveling more than ever by driving across the US and Canada, dog in tow, on her next outdoor adventure. On my end, I’ve had to learn how to plan my trips around having a full time job, which meant both planning out my trips for the year so I could request PTO, and also making every trip count by actually creating an itinerary and booking activities instead of just showing up. In the last three years, we’ve also gotten to take more sister trips – like hiking up to Everest Base Camp, eating our way through Portugal, and getting up close and personal with marine life in Hawaii.

We’ve both figured out exactly how we like to travel and how we can make it sustainable for the lives we both lead. In the last few years, we’ve also learned a thing or two about balance and being present. We’re ready to start sharing our travel experiences and knowledge again and show people how and why traveling and experiencing different places and cultures is so important. Join us on MVMT Blog for general travel tips and destination overviews, or visit MVMT Travel Planner if you’re dreaming of your next getaway and want a day-by-day trip itinerary customized to your interests and needs. 

We’re so excited to be back, and thank you for joining us on this adventure!

Hope & Diana

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